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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Deep Fried Pork Chop & Katsuton ( カツ丼 )

おはようございます.Japanese food again?I love Japanese food very much.Japanese food abit sweet,that why i love it.Maybe because they using mirin and dashi stock (柴鱼高汤).It is very sweet stock.Somethings like our 'ikan bilis sup'.
Katsuton mean deep fried pork cutlet on rice.It a very popular Japanese food.It serve with rice with deep-fried pork chop,a sweet sauce,onion and egg on the top.Beef and chicken can substitute for the pork.I prefer pork... :p
When i was small,i remember i put bonito flakes in my porridge.It very fragrant.My aunty bought it from Taiwan.My aunty like to buy us nori,seaweed paste and bonito flakes.She say it good for children.My aunty already married to Taiwan almost 30 years.Now she no need buy us this things already.It selling in all supermarket ( in Seremban only Jusco and 100yen shop can find. )
Here is the recipe :

Ingredients for Pork Chop

500g pork tenderloin
some salt and pepper for taste
plain flour
1 egg (lightly beaten)
bread crumbs (white)
some oil for deep-frying


Rinse the pork tenderlion and pat-dry.Season with salt and pepper.Marinate for 1 hour.
Dust the pork with some plain flour.
Dip it in egg.

Then coat with bread crumbs.
Deep fry it in low heat until it light golden brown.Then turn to high heat and fry until golden brown or cooked.
Remove,drain well and serve.

Ingredients for Katsuton

1 bowl cooked Japanese rice
1 piece deep fried pork chop
1tbsp mirin
1tbsp soy sauce ( i use Japanese soy sauce )
1/2tsp sugar
100ml dashi stock ( you also can use dashi powder )
1 egg ( lightly beaten )
some yellow onion 

Dashi stock recipe source : Just One Cookbook


Put dashi stock,mirin,soy sauce,sugar in a sauce pot.
Once the stock start boil add in onion.
 Steam it for a while then add in the deep fried pork chop and beaten egg.
Remove from heat and put the pork chop on cooked rice.Garnish with Nori.



  1. in fact, i going to cook deep fried pork chops now too, but i planning to fry rice to got with this..Nami's recipe always simple and yummy.

  2. Very delicious pork chop and I always order this when I'm in the food court or the restaurant. I love your teriyaki chicken too!

    1. Hi Hody
      Thanks for your comments on my blog.
      Your pork chop look so delicious. I have searched for this Japanese pork chops for some time too. I'm going to bookmark this to make it.

    2. are welcome... :)

  3. Your pork chop looks really easy to prepare!
    And I didn't know that the chicken floss can actually be made at home! I always thought that those floss need to go through some kind of special machine to have that kind of results.

    Thanks for sharing!