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Friday, 29 June 2012

One Bite Cheese Bread

Almost 3 week i didn't update my blog.Im really busy this few week.Feel so tired.I also long time didn't cook for my family.Feel so sorry.Hope this 2 day i can make somethings for them.

Lucky i got Bread Maker to help me to do the job.It knead the dough and prove it.If not 'Bread' won't in my list.For me making bread it take me a long time.
I found this recipe at Vivian Pang Kithchen and you can get the recipe here.

Here i like to share to you what i have done for this few week.Then you will know why i am so busy and tired.

A birthday cupcakes order from my friend.

9pcs Wedding Cupcakes i make for my friend who married on last 9/6/2012.9pcs mean 长长久久.

Another 9pcs Wedding Cupcakes order from my friend for her friend wedding day.

1st year birthday cake order from my friend for her daughter birthday.She request a rabbit birthday cake.

A Hazelnut Cream Cake order from my friend for her brother 40th birthday.

For some maybe it a easy job but for me it a tired job.Because day time i have to work.Came back from work i have to start another work.Sometime i mould the fondant until mid-night.Even it very tired but i very enjoy it.I don't know they'll like my cakes or not but i feel satisfied with it.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Double-Boil Hashima In Whole Coconut

I just finish drink this desserts.Feel so refreshing and sweet.....I like the taste of coconut water.As i say at last post my presure cooker can double-boil also.So,I using my multifunction pressure cooker to double-boil this desserts.

Here is the recipe :


1 whole coconut - keep the juice,filtered it.
20g Hashima (雪蛤 ) - soak it overnight until it soft. 
12pcs red dates (红枣 ) - remove seeds. 
20gm lotus seed ( 莲子 ) - soak.
50-80gm rock sugar ( 冰糖 )


  1. Open a hole on top of coconut,pour out the juice.
  2. Put all the ingredients into coconut shell and pour 1 cup of the coconut juice and water until 80% full.
  3. Cover the coconut with the coconut lid.
  4. Double-boil it for 4 hours.(i using slow cook to double-boil it.If you using the usual way,stew in medium heat.)
  5. Serve it.

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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Herbal Jelly-Sweet Gui Ling Koh

Herbal jelly,in chinese we call it Gui Ling Koh.It a very healthy snack,especially in hot weather and after a spicy meal.For those want beautiful skin,eat more Gui Ling Koh because it a very good detox food.
I like to serve cold.Feel refreshing.It taste sweet and abit bitter.

I make this Gui Ling Koh using my Multifunction Pressure Cooker.I love my pressure cooker very much.It help us alot.Make our life more easy.It easy to use,save cost,time and energy.
Why it call Multifunction Pressure Cooker?Because it not only got high pressure function.It got low pressure,stir-fry,keep warm,steam and slow cook.My mother use it everyday for cooking porridge for the little one and also soup for us.Even double-boil soup i also using my multifunction pressure cooker.Easy,right?No need always check the level of water when making double-boil soup.

Here is the recipe :

Recipe source : Y3K Recipes (60)-5/6-2011 by Eliz Ng

15g lui qin cao ( 六琴草)
1 large loh hon guo ( 罗汉果)
12g fu shen (伏神)
810g brown cane sugar (片糖)-about 2 packet
2.5 liter water ( if you not using pressure cooker,you need 3 liter water )

(Mix together)
1 packet original taste gui ling koh powder (10 small sachets in 1 packet)
580ml water


Put all ingredients (A) except cane sugar into pressure cooker.Set time at high pressure for 40 min.If you cook using usual way,once it boil turn to low heat and let it simmer for one and half hours.

After 40 min,release the water vapor and turn to stir-fry function.Then add in brown cane sugar and let it boil until the sugar is melted.

Stain out the herbal solution. ( if you not using pressure cooker,make sure there is 2.5 liters of solution or add extra hot water ).Then put it back into pot and add in ingredients (B).Stir all the time until it boil.

Then turn off the heat.Spoon into utensil and leave it cool.Keep it chilled at least 1-2 hours before serve.
Serve it cold.

I am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #20 :