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Monday, 3 June 2013

Penang Hokkien Mee ( Prawn Noodle )


It Penang month.Penang is one of my favourite state because there got a lot of delicious food.I love it so much.Never miss Asam Laksa,Rojak and Hokkien Mee.
In Seremban and Kuala Lumpur we did not call it Hokkien Mee.We call it Prawn Noodle.Here Hokkien Mee is fried yellow noodle with dark soy sauce.
I remember the 1st time I go to Penang,my sister order a Hokkien Mee and come noodle with soup.She go tell the hawker that he give wrong noodle and the hawker told her you order Hokkien Mee,right?This is Hokkien Mee lor....Then my sister told him Hokkien Mee is black colour noodle and  no soup....Then my our god-brother told her in Penang,Hokkien Mee is Prawn Noodle...Hahaha....

Recipe source : DIY Hawker's Noodle Cookbook by Mdm.Cheong & Mdm.Koh

300g yellow noodles (wash&scald)
200g mee hoon (soak&scald)
100g bean sprouts (wash&scald)
100g kangkung ( wash&scald then snipped)
300g pork belly
4 hard-boiled eggs

1/2tsp salt
50g rock sugar
1/2tsp ajinomoto (option)

Soup Ingredients
600g pork ribs
300g prawn
6 cups water

Chilli Paste Ingredients
( A )
300g dried chilli
some water
( B )
150g pork fat (diced)
15 shallots (sliced)
3tbsp chilli paste from ( A )

some deep-fry pork fat and sauté shallot flakes

Method for chilli paste
  1. Soak dried chilli with water.
  2. Pour away the water and blend the dried chilli with enough water until become paste.Set aside.( You can keep the extra chilli paste in fridge for next time use.)
  3. Heat some oil and deep fry pork fat to get pork oil.
  4. Then remove the deep-fried pork fat.Set aside for garnish.
  5. Use the pork oil to sauté slices shallots until crispy,remove the shallots flakes and set aside for garnish.
  6. Use back the oil and add in the chilli paste from ( A ),stir-fry until fragrant.Dish out and set aside.
Method for soup
  1. Blanched pork ribs in boiling water to remove blood,drian.
  2. Pour 5 cups of water into a large pot,add in pork ribs.Simmer for 2-3 hours.
  3. Then add in the pork belly,blanch for 10 min or until cooked.Remove and sliced thinly.Set aside.Continue simmer stock with low heat.
  4. Blanched the prawns with remaining 1 cup water,dish out and remove the prawn's shell.Set the prawn meat aside.Keep the prawn stock and shell.
  5. Heat some oil,stir-fry the prawn's shell until fragrant,add in prawn's stock.Blend until smooth,strain it to obtain prawn stock.
  6. Pour the prawn stock into rib stock and boil it for a while.
  7. Add in 1 tbsp. chilli paste.Mix well.
  1. Place some yellow noodle and mee hoon in a large bowl.Then spread in bean sprouts,kangkung,sliced pork belly,prawn and egg.
  2. Pour in soup and garnish with deep-fried pork and shallot flakes.
  3. Add in some chilli paste according to own liking.
  4. Serve hot.

I am submitting this post to Malaysia Food Fest, Penang month,
hosted by Alan of Travellingfoodies

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Enokitake Mushroom Sauce


I saw it selling at supermarket.My friend told me it very nice.It can eat with porridge or put on top of tofu.Yesterday I went to Tesco and see this Enokitake mushroom sauce.It sell at RM4.00++ per-bottle.Enough for 2 person.
Then I told my mother why don't we do it by ourself.I remember I have a recipe book got this recipe.Plus now Tecso Enokitake Mushroom got offer.RM1.00 per-pack.So I bought 4 packs Enokitake Mushroom and try to make today.

It really taste good.It taste very "Japanese".Hahaha.....
Here is the recipe :
Recipe source : Famous Cuisine Cookbook-My Favourite Mushroom Cuisines
4 packets fresh Enokitake mushroom
2tbsp abalone sauce
3tbsp "Kikkoman" soy sauce
3tbsp Mirin
5g Bonito flakers
800ml water
  1. Discard the stalk edges.Rinse the mushroom and squeeze out the moisture.
  2. Tear it and cut into 3 sectionals,blanch in a boiling water for awhile.Drained
  3. Bring water to boil then add in bonito flakers and let it boil for 1-2min.Discard the bonito flakers and retain the stock.
  4. Add in cooked  mushroom,abalone sauce,light soy sauce and mirin in the stock.
  5. Bring it to boil then lower the heat.Cook until the stock is thicken and absorbed.
  6. Remove from heat.Leave to cool.
  7. Ready to serve.You can put it in clean bottle and keep in  refrigerator.
You can serve with hot rice,noodle or porridge.Steam with tofu also very nice.

Cow Dung Pile @ UFO Tarts

1 word I can say about this tarts....Yummy...It also easy to make.Within 1 hour I can make 12 pcs but we just take less then 10 min finish all 12 pcs of it.Hehehe.....
My piping not look very nice...My mother say it look very funny but once she taste it,she can't stop.She say better keep it far from her,if not she will finish all 12 pcs...Hahaha....

Here is the recipe :

Recipe source : WendyinKK

Tart Base

60g butter
50g sugar
1 Grade B egg
1tsp homemade vanilla extract
50g self-raising flour


1 egg yolk
1tbsp sugar
1/2tsp homemade vanilla extract
1tsp custard powder
1tsp plain flour
50g milk


1 egg white
some salt ( very little bit )
1/4tsp cream of tartar
2tbsp sugar
few drop of vanilla


  1. Preheat oven at 150'C.I using small hole cake pan so can make 12pcs.If you don't have,you can you egg tart tin and it can make 10pcs.
  2. For base.Beat butter and sugar until pile.Then add in egg.Beat it become like buttercream.Add in vanilla extract.Use slow speed then add in flour and last add in milk.Mix well.
  3. Put about 1tbsp batter into pan.Bake in preheated oven for 15min-20min or until cooked.
  4. Meanwhile,prepare the custard.MIx well all custard ingredients.Then double boil it until the custard become thick.Remember always stir it.Set aside.
  5. For meringue.Beat egg white,salt and cream of tartar until soft peak.Then add in sugar,beat until stiff.Add in vanilla and give a light beating.
  6. When the base is done.Pipe the meringue round,about 3 layer.Make sure the center is empty.Then pipe in the custard on the center and pipe the meringue to cover the custard.
  7. Grill it upper heat for about 2min-5min or until browned.
  8. Serve warm.
In Wendy blog,she have post a video about this tart and how to make.Watch here.

I am submitting this post to Malaysia Food Fest ,Sabah month hosted by Mary of Pepper's Love

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Jeli Kelapa Kelantan

This is another desserts or snack you can find at Kota Bharu.At restaurant they will serve like mine,put the jelly in coconut shell.You also can find it at road side and they sell the jelly in a small plastic containers.
Wendy told me that this agar-agar is a bit wobbly.Children will love it.Like eating pudding.
It very refreshing desserts especially in hot weather....

I'm using this agar-agar powder.For me this is the best agar-agar powder.

Here is the recipe :


1/2 pack agar-agar powder
10 cup of coconut water from 3 large young coconut
1 cup of sugar
coconut meat from the coconut

  1. Use a large pot,put all the ingredients in and mix well.
  2. Use high heat and let boil until the sugar is dissolved.Remember always stir it if not the agar-agar powder will stick on the pot.You can taste the mixture,if not enough sweet you can add some sugar.
  3. Turn to medium low heat and let it boil for 2 min.
  4. Turn off the heat and put in the coconut meat.
  5. Pour mixture in the coconut shell and let it cool before put in fridge.
  6. Serve cool.

I am submitting this post to Malaysia Food Fest ,Kelantan month

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Chicken Nestled Paus-鸡窝包

You will feel funny when looking at this pau.If you feel want to eat pau and 'lo mai kai' but it will too full.This is what you want.It is a pau with glutinous rice filling.

 Recipe source : Y3K cookbook-PAUS by Coco Kong

Ingredients for skin

( A )-Mix together
1tbsp instant yeast
130ml water
( B )
250g pau flour
20g wheat starch flour
50g icing sugar
1tsp white vinegar
20g shortening

Ingredients for filling

( C )-Marinated for 1 hour
1 pcs of whole chicken leg-cut into pieces
1tbsp oyster sauce
1tsp dark soy sauce
1tsp sesame oil
1tsp say sauce
1tsp sugar
1tsp chinese cooking wine

( D )
1 medium onion-diced
5-6 dried mushrooms-soaked and diced
2-3 buttom mushrooms-sliced
( E )
1tbsp dried shrimps-soaked and diced
( F )-Mix together
300g glutinous rice-soaked for 4 hours,drained,steam over high heat for 20 min.
1tsp dark soya sauce
1/2tsp mushroom seasoning
60ml water
some salt,sugar and pepper for taste

( G )
3-4 salted egg yolks-halved ( if you want to use whole egg yolk,steam the yolk until cooked )
100-150g charsiew

( H )
8pcs small size mushrooms-soaked

For thickening-mix together
1 1/2 tbsp cornflour,65ml water

  1. For filling:Heat wok with some oil,saute ing ( D ),add in ing ( C ) and some water.Stir-fry untill the chicken is cooked then thick it with cornflour mixture.Dish up and let it cool.Divide into 8 part.
  2. Heat wok with some oil,saute ing ( E ),add in ing ( F ),fry well.Dish up and let it cool.Divide into 8 parts.(I didn't soak and steam the glutinous rice cos i using my pressure cooker to cook the glutinous rice.I saute ing ( E ) then add in raw glutinous rice mix with the seasoning and put in water cover the rice and press high pressure for 3 min.After 3 min let it sit inside the cooker for another 3 min.)
  3. For skin:Combine ing ( B )in a big mixing bowl then add in ing ( A ),mix well.Knead the dough for 2 min till becomes shiny and soft.Cover the dough with cloth and proof for 30 min.Divide into 60g each part.You can get 8 parts.
  4. To shape:Knead no.(3) into long and slender shrip,coil into a circular ring around exterior bowl loosely.Repeat process.Cover and proof for 30 min.
  5. Bring water to boil,place into wok a steaming rack.Lay a piece of cloth on top.Arrange no.(4) on it.Steam over high heat for 5 min.
  6. Remove the pau from the bowls,lay it upward onto foil cups.Place in 1 piece ing ( H ),( G ) and filling no.(1) then cover it with no.(2).Repeat process.
  7. Bring the water to boil,place into wok a steaming rack.Lay a piece of cloth on top.Arrange no.(6) on it.Stream over high heat for 10min or until cooked.


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Asam Pedas Ikan Pari Johor

I think so long what I want to cook for this month MFF.I planning to bake Ogura Cake but failed.So I change my mind.Then I search on Facebook then I saw Alan Goh post.It look good.I think it will taste good.It really taste good.
One word about this dish......YUMMY....I ate 2 bowl of rice with this dish only.Hot and sour.

Here is the recipe :

Recipe source : Travellingfoodies

500g ikan pari
1 bunga kantan-halved
2-3 branches of daun kesum (some call it laksa leaf)
3 stalks of lemongrass (serai)-slightly crushed
some lady's finger
2 tomatoes - quartered
4 slices of asam keping
some cooking oil
sugar and salt for taste

Rempah ( Blend it together )
10 dried chillies,remove the seed and soaked to soften
1 medium red onion
2 cloves garlic
1 inch of ginger and turmeric
some belacan powder

  1. Heat up some cooking oil.Saute the rempah paste over medium heat until oil begins to separate (pecah minyak)
  2. Add in the lemongrass,bunga kantan,asam keping and water.Bring to a boil.
  3. Then add in daun kesum (laksa leaf) and ikan pari.
  4. Let it simmer at medium low heat for about 2-3 min.
  5. Then season it with salt and sugar.Taste it and adjust taste with more salt and sugar if necessary. 
  6. Add in lady's finger and tomatoes.Cook for a while.
  7. Turn off the heat and serve hot with white rice.

I am submitting this post to Malaysia Food Fest, Johor month

Friday, 1 February 2013

Malaysia Food Fest-Negeri Sembilan Month Round Up

So fast come to February.MFF-Negeri Sembilan Month come to the end.Here I will like to Thank you to Wendy give me this chance to host for Negeri Sembilan.Not forget Thank you to all who have try up some Negeri Sembilan dish.
I know everyone is very busy in January because of Chinese New Year.Everyone busy with baking.I feel so happy that you still spend some time to join this month MFF.
I learn a lot in this Malaysia Food Fest.I hope more people will know Malaysia more through food.I also hope everyone have enjoy the fun.I very enjoy...hahaha.....

Here is the round up....

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 WendyinKK of Table for 2....or more
 WendyinKK of Table for 2....or more
WendyinKK of Table for 2....or more
Seremban Beef Noodles

Christine Choy of Food @ Home Sweet Home
Hakka Mee

Christine Choy of Food@Home Sweet Home
Fried Fish with Chillies

 Alice of I Love,I Cook,I Bake
Seremban Hakka Mee

Alice of I Love,I Cook,I Bake
Fried Fish With Chillies

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Siew Pau (Roastes Bun)
Cindy of Yummy Little Cooks
 Hody Loh of Cook 4 You & Me
 Hody Loh of Cook 4 You & Me
Hody Loh of Cook 4 You & Me
Thank you.......
MFF will have a break on February 2013 because of Chinese New Year.
See you again on March 2013 for Johor month.Hosted by Annie of Annielicious Food