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Monday, 21 May 2012

Fried Dumpling - ( 鍋貼 )

Long time didn't cook for family.Finally this weekend free to cook.Fried Dumpling is my favorite.I lazy to roll the skin....hehehe....So I using ready made skin.I bought this dumpling skin at Tesco.They wrote there Jiaozi skin.

I love eat with black vinegar and ginger.This time i make vegetarian filling.Because feel like don't want eat too much meat.

Here is the recipe :

Ingredients :

500g chives,chopped
100g carrot,chopped
4pcs firm tofu,chopped
1tbsp chicken stock powder/vegetarian G powder
2tbsp soy sauce
1tsp sugar
some pepper and sesame oil
some cooking oil for frying
2packs ready made dumpling skin

Flour water
Recipe source : Nasi Lemak Lover
2 cup water + some plain flour + some salt ( for a thin layer of cripsy cooked flour at the bottom )

Dipping sauce
2tbsp black vingar + 2tbsp water + 2tsp sugar

  1. Heat up some cooking oil,add in chives,carrot and tofu.Stir fry well.
  2. Add in seasoning,stir fry until dry.Dish out and set aside to cool.
  3. Put 1tbsp of filling into the center of the skin.Put some water on the side of the dumpling skin and fold it accordingly.
  4. Using a non-stick pan and put some cooking oil on it.Fry the dumpling in a medium heat.
  5. Once the bottom of the dumping is golden brown add in 1/2 cup flour water and cover with lid.Cook over high heat until the water dry up.
  6. Dish up and serve with vinegar and ginger.

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  1. I love fried dumpling and yours look very delicious :)

  2. Wow! Very nice dim sam. Will book mark this recipe and try it when i free.
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Lovely fried dumplings like the 'sui chern pau'. I like the fillings and crispy skin. Esp. good with ginger/black vinegar sauce.

  4. Using the store bought ready made skin make it easy, isn't it? I should try it too one day. yours made it with such a drooling taste........

  5. SErving it fried side up looks so nice.
    Why I so stupid ah? Served it fried side down...