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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Birthday month and 1st order

This post i won't write any recipe.Just want to share some birthday cake i make for my love one.March and April is a busy month for me.Whole month of March i only do baking.Almost everyday back for work i do baking.Sometime baking until mid-night only take my dinner and take bath.Very tired but very happy.When i see they'll eating my cake and say.....emmm...yummy..i love it...well done...I already forget my tired....Everything pay back...
March is my lovely boyfriend and my only sister birthday.April,no need My Birthday....and no forget my lovely colleague birthday too.

Strawberry Vanilla Cake is for my boyfriend Birthday.He like sponge cake.I bake a vanilla sponge and filling with strawberry and wripping cream.Deco with some strawberries and marshmallows.He love it very much.He eat half of the cake.Present,i bought him a SPA.

2nd birthday cake is for my only sister.She request for Non-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake.Her favorite.No matter what celebration she only want this cake...Here is her cake...
The cake base i make from Oreo.It abit sweet for me but my sister love it.Normally i make this cake,the blueberry filling i put on top but this time i make it look like marble.Nice,right?But too bad that my mother can not eat this cake because she is a vegetarian.I planing to make one without using gelatin.I found the replacement.I think i will make again on Mother's Day.
For my colleague and my birthday,i still thinking.My birthday also have to bake cake for myself...Don't know when got people bake cake for my birthday...hahaha....Wait next week will know it......

Beside baking birthday cake,my friend also request me to make 2 set of fondant cupcake.One is for her colleague fullmoon and another one is for her friend birthday.This is 1st time i take order from other.I never sell my cake before.I only bake for my family and friend as a gift.

She request for 2D fondant for this cupcake.It is look cute and sweet.My friend Janice Thon helping and teach me how to mould this 2D fondant.Theme is white and pink.Thank you to her very much.
1 week later she ask me to do another set of fondant cupcake.This time is for a guy birthday.She want 1 3D fondant and other 5 is 2D.Theme is frog.The frog inside the cantoon Princess and Frog.This is the frog....

 Who kiss me,i will give my heart to her....come kiss me...LOL :P

Hope they'll like this cupcake.

This is all i done for March and early of April...Sorry to all my friend who date me but i reject because i really busy at that time.Before i end my post i will like to share my early birthday present...i love it very much..Thank you my friend.

Thank you ...and Happy Birthday to my boyfriend and sister....
Wish they happy always and good luck always...


  1. all of your cakes look very good , the marble effect is very pretty too. You have a very sweet smile. dont hv to make one birthday cake for yourself, just ask your boyfriend to buy one!

  2. Oh, your cakes look really beautiful and I especially like the marble effect.