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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Chinese New Year 2012...

 3 more days is Chinese New Year.I still got many things not yet do.Don't know how.Today have to go to pasar malam buy fruit.Sunday early in the morning have to go to wet market buy vegetable.Now feel not very well.Maybe too tired.Yesterday night my boyfriend help me to vacumm the house.Lucky he help to clean up some stuff.If not i think i have work until mid-night.
My boyfriend also helping me to clean up the dish after i make cookies.Hehe....

Here is another 4 type of snack for this Chinese New Year.
 Woo Ha.Recipe from Wendyywy

 Fry arrowhead.

 Acar.My mom make it.


Happy baby waiting for Chinese New Year.Everyday he follow me go shopping.

See you all on 30/01/2012...
Happy Chinese New Year.Wish everyone FATT FATT FATT!!!!!!

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