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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Chicken Floss

I made this chicken floss not because of Chinese New Year.I remember when i was a kid,aunt next to my grandpa shop like to make pork floss.She told my mom the pork is from the soup because her family only drink the soup and don't like to eat the pork.If throw it away very 'sayang'.So she use the pork to make pork floss.Until now i still remember the taste.I love it very much.I don't like chicken or pork floss sell at the shop because it too dry.I only like pork floss from that aunt.I still remember everytime she make pork floss,sure i will stand beside her and wait for the pork floss.The aunt will give a big pack of pork floss.I can finish it by myself.It really taste very good.But now i can not taste back the pork floss.So sad.
So,i try to search for chicken or pork floss recipe.Finally i found it.When i tell my mom i want to make chicken floss,she told me,aunt next to my grandpa shop is using pork not  mom still remember that aunt.Here is the recipe :

600gm chicken breast (cut into small,follow the line on the meat)

2 cloves garlic
1tbsp oil
2 bowl water
2tbsp soy sauce
1tbsp sugar
1tbsp chinese wine
1tbsp sesame oil
1tsp pepper
1tsp five spice


Use a large bowl.Put in water,sugar,soy sauce,chinese wine,sesame oil,pepper and five spice.Mix well.

In wok put oil and garlic.Fry until slightly  fragrant.

Then put in the sauce mixture and chicken meat.

Let it boil until the sauce dry up.

Keep stir-fry until the chicken meat become flossy,golden and light.



  1. Oh,this is how floss to be done!Thanks

    By Olivia
    Jong Belegen Kaas

  2. I never knew floss could be done at home. Thanks for the recipe will try
    over this weekend.
    By Amelia

  3. Hi Hody,
    Can I use chicken thigh skinless, cos thats what I have in fridge?
    By Amelia

  4. Amelia,
    you are welcome. can use chicken thigh.pork also can.

  5. Hody,

    After stir-frying for an hour or so, the chicken meat became powdery (with some crunchy strands). What could have gone wrong?



    1. I think you over cook...or your heat is too high....

  6. can i skip the chinese wine? its not allowed here in saudi arabia. where can i get the five spice? thanks much :)

  7. Keep stirring and the meat will become flossy? Don't need to shred the meat?