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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sweet potato Tung Yuen in ginger sugar syrup..

Not forget before Christmas,we chinese got one very big festival must celebrate.See the title already know what is the festival......Yes........Tung Yuen Festival.Time to eat tung yuen...Yesterday sitting in my office,suddenly want to eat tung yuen.So i call my mum and ask her got sweet potato or pumpkin at home.My mum say both also have.Then i choose sweet potato because yesterday my mum make pumpkin cake for breakfast and cook pumpkin rice lunch and dinner.So i don't want make pumpkin tung yuen,if not supper also eat pumpkin...hahaha....

Dough ingredients :
200g glutinous rice flour
50g rice flour
150ml-200ml hot water
150g steamed and mashed sweet potato
Syrup ingrendients :
1500ml water
4-5pcs pandan leaf
5cm-10cm ginger ( i like the ginger taste,so i put a big ginger in the syrup )
sugar to taste ( this depand on your own taste,some don't like too sweet )

Method for ginger syrup :
  1. Combine water pandan leaf and ginger in a pot and bring to boil and simmer over low heat for 10 min.
  2. Then add in sugar and boil until sugar dissolves.Taste it
  3. Turn off heat and cover with lid to enhance further the ginger fragrance.

Method for the dough :
Put glutinous rice flour and rice flour in a mixing bowl.Pour in hot water and mashed pumpkin to mix.

Knead into a smooth dough.
Pinch off small portions and roll into balls,place onto a clean plate.

Cook all the small dumplings in a pot of boiling water until they float.

Remove and soak in cold water.
Remove the dumpling from the cold water.Then put the dumpling into ginger sugar syrup.
Serve immediately.
Wish all Happy Tung Yuen Festival.......

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