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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Chinese Herbal Chicken

When i saw Chinese Steamer Herbal Chicken at Nasi Lemak Lover blog ,i call up my mum and tell her that i want to eat herbal chicken.But she say we don't have chicken at home.Then i say never mind la.Sunday only go to market buy chicken.But on saturday my mum told me that she bought one kampung chicken.Wah.......i so need wait until monday...( Because sunday afternoon i go to kl for Jacky Cheung 1/2 century tour).Here is some chinese herbal and ingredients i use to cook this Chinese Herbal Chicken : 

 Kampung chicken

Dang Gui and Qian Kong.
Yu Zhu.
Dang shen. 
Red Date.
Some salt for taste
5tbsp Chinese cooking wine
5tbsp Ginger wine (my mum made by herself)
1 cup water
1 bottle of chicken essence

Place a big piece of  foil on a big bowl.Put all the ingredients in and wrap it.
Steam for 30-40 min.Depend on how big the chicken.
Wait...wait....and pressure cooker calling me....
ok...the chicken is done....yeah...
Remember serve hot....


  1. Wow, your herbal chicken has more herbs, must be very good!

  2. Hi Hody,

    What is Qian Kong? Can write in chinese character? Thanks.