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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Red Yeast and Pandan Mantou

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I want my mantou in red and green colour.But i don't want put colouring.I want a healthy mantou.Green part i use pandan juice.I think what can i put to make my mantou in red.....So i find inside my ingrendients box,see what i have with red colour.Yes..........i found one bottle of red yeast.I bought it for my red yeast butter cake.

Ingredients for Pandan Mantou :
260g Hong Kong bao flour
5g Instant yeast
1tsp double acting baking powder
60g castor sugar
1tbsp shortening
150ml pandan juice
I use 20pcs pandan leaf.That why it in dark green.

Ingredients for Red Yeast Mantou :
260g Hong Kong bao flour
2tsp Red yeast
5g Instant yeast
1tsp Double acting baking powder
60g Castor sugar
1tbsp Shortening
150ml Water

Method :
Blend dough ingredients into smooth dough.

Pandan dough.

 Red yeast dough.

Divide dough to 2 portion.
Flatten the dough.Put the green dough on the red dough.
Roll it like swissroll.
Cut the rolled dough into small pieces.About 3cm.Let rise for 15 minutes.

Then steam the mantou for 7-8 minutes.Serve hot.
Super soft inside.
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