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Friday, 29 June 2012

One Bite Cheese Bread

Almost 3 week i didn't update my blog.Im really busy this few week.Feel so tired.I also long time didn't cook for my family.Feel so sorry.Hope this 2 day i can make somethings for them.

Lucky i got Bread Maker to help me to do the job.It knead the dough and prove it.If not 'Bread' won't in my list.For me making bread it take me a long time.
I found this recipe at Vivian Pang Kithchen and you can get the recipe here.

Here i like to share to you what i have done for this few week.Then you will know why i am so busy and tired.

A birthday cupcakes order from my friend.

9pcs Wedding Cupcakes i make for my friend who married on last 9/6/2012.9pcs mean 长长久久.

Another 9pcs Wedding Cupcakes order from my friend for her friend wedding day.

1st year birthday cake order from my friend for her daughter birthday.She request a rabbit birthday cake.

A Hazelnut Cream Cake order from my friend for her brother 40th birthday.

For some maybe it a easy job but for me it a tired job.Because day time i have to work.Came back from work i have to start another work.Sometime i mould the fondant until mid-night.Even it very tired but i very enjoy it.I don't know they'll like my cakes or not but i feel satisfied with it.


  1. Very soon you can open a bakery shop or just only do business on baking at home! Such a beautiful cakes and cupcakes you made. I have much to learn from you Hody!

    1. thank you so much...still got many things to learn....

  2. I like your fondant cupcakes. they are so beautiful. Keep it up.

  3. All your cake & fondant cupcakes really beautiful . Envy you have such talent to do it even u never attend class . If I half like u so much better...
    Yvonne yeo

  4. Wow...such beautiful cakes ! You've really got some talent here :))

  5. Hody, what is there not to like> They all look so beautiful. I am very impressed. When are you going to teach me how to do that? I have got all the fondant thingy but have not started to make any at home yet after attending the angry bird cupcake class.

    1. if i can go to kl...sure i will teach very easy to do...sure no problem to you.....