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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

My Little Garden

Today i like to share some of my plant in my house garden.My house is a corner house,so i have some place to plant some herbs and fruits.Gardening also one of my hobby.

This is my grape trees.I bought it at Cameron Highlands.RM 8 per-pot only.Why i didn't plant it on ground?Because easy for me to move from one place to another place.Hope it will grow grape soon. :)

Pandan leaves.This is very useful herb.My mum will put 1-2 pcs inside the rice she cook.

Pineapple tree.

Baby pineapple.It come too late.Can not rush Chinese New Year.

Kaffir lime tree.I can't take the whole tree because it a very big tree.

Osmanthus tree.Our Camoran Highlands friend give to us.


Passionfruit.Waiting plant it on ground.

Cucumber.Just grow.
Lemon tree.This lemon tree too tall.I can not take the whole tree photo.

Curry leaf fruit.Have you see this before?The fruit can not eat.We only use the leaf.

Mint leaf.I use it for my mint tea.Mint lemonade also taste good and refreshing.

Fennel.On September i saw it at Wendy blog.
So i try to plant it.

Strawberry.I never think it can grow but still don't have strawberry.

Lemongrass.I use it for my lemongrass tea.My mum use it for curry.

Thai basil.九层塔.

贝琶。I don't know what it call in English.It also from my Cameron Highlands friend.

Bell pepper.Don't know it is green,red or yellow.I just throw the seed on the soil and it grow.

My mum say it call Lemon leaf.It very good for cough.

Aloe vera.I love aloe vera chrysanthemum flowers drink.

黑面将军.Can prevent cancer.

Argy Wormwood leaf.艾叶

Calamansi Lime.桔

I don't know what it call..My mum will put in when she cook barley drink.

Gingseng leaves.

Beside herbs,my garden also got some flower plant.

Want to take care this garden also need many time.So,my mum will help to take care of them.Sometime after work i already lazy to do gardening.Somemore i want to do baking.So tired........but i very enjoy it.hehehe.... :P


  1. The purple leaf one is called "Boat Lily"
    I learnt the name when I was a kid, reading through books.

    The lemon leaf, I think is Lemon Balm

    Nice garden you have there.. I hope to grow some osmanthus too! Your house will smell so good when it flowers :)

  2. thank you, i know it.:) the fresh osmanthus flowers smell very smell like early morning.....very refreshing.....

  3. Hi Hody, all your plants are so beautiful. You got green fingers :)
    Have a nice day.

  4. thank you amelia.very tired to take care them.every week i never miss to put fertilizer.

  5. Is ur lemon tree fruiting yet? since u said it's huge :p

  6. not customer say have to wait 4-5 years only got fruit.the tree only 1 year old.

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